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Did you see that shark on LOST last night? May 30, 2008

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I’m still trying to decide if LOST jumped over it or not. (If you don’t know what jumped the shark means, you can read about that here).

So, a couple things come to mind…

First, LOST is one of those shows that you need to watch and then rewatch while you blog about it because there are just so very many thoughts about the show that some are bound to leak out of my head by the time I get to the end.

Second, didn’t Charlie die so that Claire and Aaron could get on the helicopter? Obviously that didn’t happen, so the question is could the situation have been resolved some other way without Charlie dying?

And I’m done with the number thing now.

Some other thoughts: Things were all just a bit too tidy in the story of how they got off the island. And who was feeding Aaron once Claire disappeared? Sawyer jumping off the helicopter was all very romantic and such. I cried when the boat blew up and Jin was still on it. Seriously? Sun having to watch her husband die like that? How did she not have a heart attack right there on that helicopter? Because I certainly would have lost my mind right then and there. Right before the Oceanic 6 leave Juliet’s boat, Jack says to Desmond, “Don’t let him find you.” Who is “him”? And will Desmond have to go back to the island too since he left with them? And what about Lapidus? And if they can’t go back without Desmond, will Penny go with them? Because he promised to never leave her again. When Christian showed up on the boat, was he giving Michael permission to time jump somewhere else or was he giving him permission to die (remember Tom/Mr. Friendly had told him the “island” wouldn’t let him die yet). Will Walt have to go back too? And how does he “teleport”? So many questions…

And finally – the whole island disappearing thing? And we know that Ben turns that little wheel thing and then ends up in the desert somehow. I’m not sure which is weirder – him teleporting to the desert in the Middle East or the fact that the entire island just up and disappeared.

OH! And the coffin? I think i guess everyone except who was actually in it! How did he get off the island and WHY did he leave in the first place? Because I never thought *he* would leave the island.

I have more questions than answers. 8 months is probably going to be the perfect amount of time to go back and watch these first seasons and see if I can’t figure out what exactly has been going on up until this point. Because I’m still completely and totally LOST!


3 Responses to “Did you see that shark on LOST last night?”

  1. abbreviated Says:

    Add another Sawyer quip to the list – Frank aka Kenny Rogers.

  2. Jen Says:

    No, I don’t think Lost jumped the shark. I thought it was a really good finale, but of course way too many questions. I think more questions than ever. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s recaps but I don’t see a lot of mention about that icy, cold area where Ben goes to “move” the island. What was up with that??

  3. mamacita Says:

    So true…I have more questions than answers as well. I plan on getting the dvds from our library and re-watching. I catch so much when I do that. šŸ™‚

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