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Works For Me Wednesday – doctor’s appointments… July 9, 2008

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For some reason it seems like someone is at the doctor all the time for the past few years. If it’s not Chip, it’s one of the kids. Between Kait’s reflux, Elijah’s asthma, Noah busting his head open and Seth’s well-child checks, I’m the only one who hasn’t had to go to the doctor.

And it seems like they want to retake your history every time you are there. Especially those pesky meds that have super long names and various dosages and all for various people. It gets a bit confusing from time to time. I can always remember what people are taking meds FOR, but not always which ones they are.

So, I started keeping them in my phone in the notepad. Each person has their own list and every time we get a new Rx, I just add it to my phone before I file the paperwork in the file cabinet. That way, whenever we go to the dr, I have the list at my fingertips (I also keep a list of the antibiotics Chip has taken in the past since he’s allergic to penicillin and can’t take them all).

And my phone is also handy for punching in different things that I might want to look up or ask Chip’s sister about (she’s an RN) when we get home.

So, that’s what works for me. What’s your best “going to the doctor” tip?



One Response to “Works For Me Wednesday – doctor’s appointments…”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Well….I am the doctor – so it is definitely helpful when people either bring all the medicines bottles with them, or have a written down list I can look at to make sure there haven’t been any changes made by other doctors. Plus if you come with written down questions, it might help you remember all the things you wanted to know – and I definitely want to make sure I answer all the questions I can.

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