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Healthy Living Challenge update… July 17, 2008

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Ok, so things are going ok. I’m exercising almost daily. The last two nights we’ve gone for walks in 90 degree weather. I simply did not know it was possible for a person to sweat that much! But we’ve been faithful in our walking. And we’ve been walking faster without the little boys at home. Because let me tell you – having to stop every 50 feet or so to wait for a little one to catch up can really cut into what could be productive exercise!

My weight is dropping a little at a time. I’m keeping track of it all on and so far the weight loss hasn’t been all that great. But it’s starting to come off. And I still weigh less than my husband! Not that it’s a contest or anything, but for some reason it’s very important to me that unless I’m pregnant that I weigh less than he does.

The healthy eating hasn’t been too bad. We’ve tried some new things. Garden season is in full swing, so I’m eating more veggies. And Raisin Bran has become my breakfast of choice (it’s about the only “healthy” cereal I can stand – I’d much rather have Cap’n Crunch or Cocoa Krispies).

I haven’t eaten anything past 10pm since the month started. It hasn’t been hard at all. On the nights that I’m tempted to go grab a snack, I simply go brush my teeth. Because everyone knows that food just doesn’t taste right with freshly brushed teeth. Not to mention that if I eat something, then I’ll just have to go brush them again.

The water thing on the other hand has NOT been going well. I so do not like water. I’ve tried everything that I can possibly imagine to make it easier for me. I bought a new cute bottle to have water with me all the time. Because water will taste better in a cute bottle obviously. WRONG! I tried keeping it in the fridge with some lime/lemon/orange slices in it. I thought it made the water taste like a lot of “natural” cleaners smell. I’ve tried drinking only bottled water. I’ve tried being sure to drink a glass of water every time I go in the kitchen. I’ve tried drinking water with meals. I simply do *not* like the taste of water.

And for those of you out there who say water has no taste, well… YOU’RE WRONG!!! Maybe my tastebuds are just more keenly aware than yours, but water definitely has a taste. And I don’t like it!

So, the weight is coming off slowing. My jeans are getting big and I’m hoping to be able to move down a size in the next couple weeks. I can feel some habits forming through all of this – which was the purpose of it all. So far, so good…

(original healthy living challenge outline)


3 Responses to “Healthy Living Challenge update…”

  1. Jodi Says:

    I do not like water either. It most definitely has a taste!

    I drink bottled water from Walmart. It is the Sam’s Choice brand. I get 24-20oz bottles for almost 4 bucks. Not a bad investment I don’t think. AND this water has minerals added to enhance the flavor (says so right on the label). I can drink this water without any gagging or hurling. You can buy one in the pop machines at Walmart for like .40 if you want to give it a try without buying a whole bunch.

    It is the only bottled water I can drink. The rest taste like dirty water to me.

  2. Krys Says:

    Have you tried adding the Crystal Light or the generic equivalent (Wal-Mart has a great line) to the water? My neighbor is the same as you and she does this- it’s the only way she can do it. (She’s managed to lose 3 dress sizes since March).

  3. Tammy Says:

    I agree with Krys on the Crystal Light. My faves right now are Cherry Pomeganate (immunity boosting), Peach Mango Green Tea (metablolism boosting) and Natural Raspberry Peach. The WalMart line tastes very similar, but they have to catch up on the flavor variety.

    Different brands of water have different “tastes” to them. And I don’t like drinking plain water either unless I’m RILLY hot and the water is RILLY RILLY cold.

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