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Sunday bulletin – anniversary style… July 27, 2008

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  • If y’all don’t like mushy posts, STOP READING NOW!  Because when it comes to Chip, I can downright gush. He’s my favorite person in the whole world.
  • Chip and I met at North Central Bridal Bible College in Minneapolis, MN. The first time I was there was for college days and we met that time. He doesn’t  remember it. I remember because my youth pastor at the time was a former youth pastor under his dad. Weird.
  • Chip and I both had plans to attend Evangel in Springfield, MO until less than a month before college started. We each made that decision a year apart, but it was one that would shape and change both of our lives together.
  • Chip and I met because he was on my brother floor. He started calling my room because he was interested in my roommate, Rachel. We became friends because my roommate wasn’t interested and made me field her calls.
  • It wasn’t long before he was calling me instead.
  • I’ll NEVER as long as I live forget when he told me he liked me as more than a friend. It was a Wednesday night and he pulled me out of a praise and worship service that night to tell me. Right there in the foyer of the chapel under the picture of F.J. Linquist. Completely FREAKED ME OUT because I didn’t have any idea at all!
  • My dear friend Bethany and I became great friends because I used to drag her along on dates with us until I was sure this was what I wanted. She was later a bridesmaid in my wedding.
  • Chip knew that I liked him when I let him reach over and hold my hand during a Wayne Watson (don’t you dare shake your head at me!) concert. Before intermission, he had his arm around me and I swear EVERY person that I knew saw it. During intermission, he went to go talk to our friend Kenny (to tell him what was going on) and at least 50 people came up to me to ask if we were “finally getting together.” I just kind of shrugged.
  • Our very first date by ourselves was to church at Emmanuel Christian Center and then our for a muffin (lemon poppyseed) and coffee at Perkins afterward.
  • We dated for almost three weeks before I would let him kiss me.
  • I almost knocked myself out backing up from what I thought was a kiss one time. Was getting out of the car (there were a bunch of other people there too) when he leaned over to say something. I thought he was going to kiss me and backed up too quickly. I banged my head on the window.
  • I still remember the moment that I decided that I wanted kids. We were already sure we would most likely get married. We were at church when my friend, Jen, came and pulled me out of my Sunday school class. She brought me down to watch him teach a class of 25 2-year-olds all by himself. The way he was with those kids made me certain that if I wanted to marry this man, then kids would be part of the deal.
  • The day we got married was *the* happiest day of my life. We planned the wedding for 2pm on July 27th. We *should* have planned it for 10am on May 27th! It was the LONGEST summer of my life.
  • We got pregnant on our wedding night. Haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other since!
  • My birthday used to be my favorite day of the year. Now it’s my anniversary. I was 21 when we got married 12 years ago. I can’t wait until I get to a point where I’ve been married longer than I haven’t. Only 10 more years of wedded bliss until I get to that point!
  • My Chip is my favoritest person in the whole wide world! I struggle to remember life before he came into my heart and absolute can’t imagine life without him walking beside me.
HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY, Chip! I love you more than words can say. You inspire me to dream dreams and to live large! I know I can charge forward because you’ve got my back. And if I fall, you’re there to help me back up and get me going again!  I love you more than I could ever say! You’re the greatest!

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  1. awww, that’s was beautiful! Hope yall have a wonderful anniversary! Any exciting plans?

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