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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Thank God it’s Friday… August 29, 2008

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And a three day weekend! I have a feeling I’m going to need it after last night.

Because if something weird can happen to someone, chances are it’s going to happen to me!

It’s been a long week anyway. I’ve had some crazy weird dreams all week. All of which revolve around terrorists and my running from someone with my husband working like crazy to save me. I don’t read a whole lot into my dreams. But the one where Chip was all Jack Bauer complete with countdown 24 clock in the corner – well, that one was a little weird since we don’t even watch that show. I blame it on the migraines I’ve had on and off for the past week.

Yesterday was a bit of a bad day. My kids were fighting with each other. The doctor told Chip that he didn’t think he could do anything for his arm/shoulder injuries from our accident 10 months ago and it would have to heal on its own (wouldn’t you think it would be healing already if that were going to happen?) and I just didn’t sleep well the night before. We went to bed last night, tired and welcoming the sleep we were hopeful of getting.

It was about 12:30 before I turned off the television. I just could not sleep. But apparently I did fall asleep. Because I had some kind of weird dream that woke me up with a start. I gasped and CHOKED on my saliva. In a choking-I’m-going-to-die kind of way! It was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me in my sleep. Which of course set me to coughing which kept Chip up. He finally gave up and went down stairs and I turned the television back on to keep me awake for a while so I could suck on a cough drop because my throat was so sore and I couldn’t stop coughing.

About 1:45am, I went back to sleep. Chip said it was about 2am when he came back to bed. At 4am, Chip’s phone rang. Our friend – who’s van tired had gone flat in our parking lot earlier that evening when she came to pick up her daughter – was on the phone and needed to drop off her daughter so she could take her husband to the emergency room (he was dehydrated).

My SAINT of a husband, got up to receive the sleeping girl at the door, put her in Kait’s bottom bunk and came back to bed. But we were both awake. We prayed for our friends and sometime around 4:30am, I finally fell back into a restful sleep for the first time all night.

At 7am, I could hear Lexi talking. I stayed in bed because I knew she was still in Kait’s room. It was about 8am when I finally rolled out of bed. She’s not quite two, but she had just gotten some toys to play with in the bed and was being so good.

Thankfully my kids have been wonderful today. The older kids did school work and are now watching a movie in their room until their friends get home from school. Seth is watching countless episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Lexi is napping. I’m sitting in the chair with my feet up and trying my hardest to NOT fall asleep.

But it’s Friday. And I can sleep in tomorrow. And I am soooo looking forward to it!


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