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Laundry help… September 3, 2008

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Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer (which is probably one of my favorite blogs I read) is having a backwards sponsored week. We get to ask y’all questions – which is something I’m pretty good.

And I need some help y’all! You see, I live with a bunch of messies!

And my main delimma is laundry. If they weren’t all still sleeping, I’d go take pictures of their drawers. I fold the laundry and then it is their responsibility to put it away. And for 3 of the 5, it’s their responsibility to get themselves dressed. (Yes, I’m including my dear sweet Chip in this one. But I do *not* count him as one of my children. Bothers me to know end when people do that to their husbands).

I fold their clothes, nice and neat and then send them on their way. Chip always gets his in the dresser. The older kids (11 and almost 9) get their clothes in the dresser 9 times out of 10.

But y’all – if by chance I forget to give them an item of clothing and go up to put it away for him, what I find is usually something like this…

A bunch of pulled out drawers. Clothes are not placed neatly in said drawer, but shoved in. Smashed in.

And by the middle of the week, the clothes are all unfolded in the drawer. Because of all the inherited traits my kids have picked up, this is the one that they get from their father. They see the tshirt that they want – which is in the middle of the pile. They just grab the edge of it and yank it out. Which unfolds both the shirt on top of it and underneath it. And by mid-week, what they have is a drawer full of clothes that look like they were never folded in the first place.

And I soooo hate folding laundry! Y’all, I really hate it and this just makes me think I shouldn’t even bother to fold the laundry and just leave it in the baskets.

Which is why, if you were to pop over for a visit, you would likely find at least one load of laundry that needs to be folded in my dining room (where the basement steps are) sitting on my table.

So, how would you handle it. I’ve tried making them fold their own clothes, just not looking (which I could do if they were to actually SHUT THE DRAWERS), leaving the clothes in baskets (they just end up on the floor), etc…

What would y’all do?


9 Responses to “Laundry help…”

  1. Milehimama Says:

    I gave up on them having dressers in their rooms. If they weren’t pulling the clothes out looking for their favorite shirts, they were stashing a baloney sandwich INSIDE to save or pulling the drawers out on the their toes. Finally, I had had it and got shelfs.

    Then I put the shelfs in the laundry room (master closet in our new house) and made a Family Closet. All of the clothes for all of the children are in one place, and they literally go from the dryer to the shelf.

  2. tammy Says:

    I still do the putting away for Alex & Sam (8 & 3) but at least once/week there needs to be some straightening done in Alex’s drawers.

    Nick is another story…his drawers are not only notoriously unkempt, but there is no ORDER to anything…in any given drawer you will find boxers, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and pants. THAT’S the part that drives me the most crazy…mixing clothes! I can mix my food together, but I draw the line when it comes to clothes. đŸ˜‰

    With that said, I have no suggestions for you. Let me know if anyone else does, k?

  3. Jodi Says:

    My kids don’t get the clothes in the drawers 90% of the time. I find the pile on the floor, the chair, the bed, etc. Anywhere but the dresser.

    The few children who do actually aim for the dresser opt for the stuffing method too.

    I don’t do anything about it. Eventually they will either grow up and put their clothes away properly or they will be slobs as adults too.

    I do TELL them to put their clothes in their dresser the RIGHT way. For me this is one of those battles I choose not to fight.

  4. I only use dressers for underwear, socks, pajamas & jeans. (I don’t care how messy the first 3 get and pants aren’t too hard to refold.) The rest gets hung up or folded on the self in the closets (sweaters). Take pictures of the way its supposed to look and label everything. Sounds crazy, but kids need it. Mine think of it as a game/ puzzle. Also, my kiddos are responsible for cleaning their room before bed each night, so we always start the next day on a clean slate. Its their job, not mine, cause I didn’t make the mess, lol! I don’t know if you do allowances? We don’t pay for regular chores – just part of being a family – but we will for jobs well done or extra care/ attention spent. You could always reward in a different fashion… or take away. TV & Video games are precious currency to most kids. Good Luck!

  5. Kim Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one!! This drives me nuts! My solution has been to not allow anything in drawers but socks, underwear, pjs and jeans. Everything else is hung up (and the child does the hanging). I still open drawers to shorts and pants that are in a pile, and when that happens I make the child refold the entire drawer neatly. I’ve also been known to make them take the contents to the dryer, spritz with water, run ’til dry and immediately place everything neatly back in drawer.

  6. Valerie Says:

    I only use dressers for socks, pjs, and off season items. Everything else is hung up in the closet. When the seasons change, I change all the clothes out & put away. If the closet gets too full – we weed out and give/throw away. I hate folding stuff only to find it messed up again. So I banished folded clothes. It’s amazing how they can find things now.

  7. Jane Says:

    My two older boys – ages 8 and 6 – are responsible for putting away their own clothes. I sort them into types (pants, shorts, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, etc.), and put them on the steps to their room (they have the attic bedroom). They know which types go in which drawers, and do a pretty good job of getting them to the right destination.

    We also have put their clothes in their drawers vertically, not horizontally. Not sure how to explain it – but instead of a stack of shirts in the drawer, they are “standing” up in rows. The folding method had to change a little to make them fit that way. But now, when they choose a shirt, they don’t scramble a whole stack. They see the one they want and pull it out. They can also see their choices a lot better (and don’t end up just wearing the shirt on the top of the stack every time).

    All that said, the 8-year-old is often in a rush to put things away. There have been many times I have had to send him back to his room to “do it right” when the drawers aren’t shut or a stack is sitting on TOP instead of IN the dresser.

    DH’s dresser? Well, I just don’t look! I fold his clean clothes, put them on our bed, and he takes them from there. Believe me – it’s better for our marital harmony that way!!!

  8. Lisa Says:

    I have tried having my kids pick out their outfits for the week and putting them in the hanging sweater deals. It all works fine except when my kids decide they want to swing on the sweater deal. Shelves in the closet might be a good option.

  9. Moose Says:

    We hang all our shirts, and then any sweaters (which is a minimal need in our climate) get folded and put on a shelf in their closet above their hanging clothes. It makes life easier, because they’re less likely to have a pair of favorite shorts or pants, and they do re-fold easier. Actually, I just kind of lay them straightly with minimal folding.

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