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Do you remember? September 11, 2008

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Several times over the past day, I’ve been asked or heard others asked if they remember where they were or what they were doing on September 11, 2001 when they heard that the United States had just been attacked. For my grandparent’s generation, that question was where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked. For my parent’s generation, it was where were you when Kennedy was shot? And I guess technically, the question for my generation – from when we were children – would be “What were you doing when the Space Shuttle Challenger and school teacher Christie McCauliff exploded?” (I was in school, watching on television like most schools across the US).

Elijah is the only one who really remembers seeing the towers fall. Kait wasn’t quite two yet and we had just found out we were expecting Noah. And two days before, we had just resigned our position in our church and were making plans to move. I had been up the entire night before – nasty morning sickness. I was sore from packing. And I was still in bed on September 11th. Chip had decided to let me sleep in and had gotten up with the kids.

I remember – very vividly – him *thundering* up the stairs. I thought something was wrong with one of the kids. I had already sat up when he burst into the room and the words he said still ring in my ears. “A plane just flew into the World Trade Center. I think our country was just attacked.” And like that he was gone. Back down the stairs. I dressed as my head swirled with questions. “How does a plane fly into a building? Was it an accident?”

I got downstairs just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower. And the start realization that this was not an accident became clear. We watched in silent horror as the first tower collapsed. And then the tears started. I remember saying over and over again, “There were still PEOPLE in there!” And I prayed with the rest of America that somehow the second tower would stay standing. And like most of America, we stayed there, in front of the television for the next several days as we watched the story unfold.

My heart was changed that day. More than ever before, there was a sense of urgency to live life, to love hard and to tell people about the difference Jesus has made in my life. 

Where were you on September 11th, 2001?


3 Responses to “Do you remember?”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I remember it very well. I had just dropped Peyton off for her first day of kindergarten. I was on my way home and turned on the radio, and the host was exclaiming, “oh, my GOD, the towers have fallen at the WTC.” Because this station was known for pranks & jokes, I assumed that it was a joke. I had just pulled in the driveway when DH called and said, “The US has been attacked. Don’t panic – I will be home soon.” I walked in and turned on the tv and sat mesmorized for hours by what was happening until I had to get Peyton. By then Dh was home and we just sat & prayed & watched it all unfold.

  2. Irene Says:

    I was working my job as a security receptionist for Sun Microsystems 30 minutes from Boston. I was actually on the phone with my late husband’s attorney about my sil wanting money (before I met my hubby and became a pw). I was in tears already. One of the gentleman I worked with, ran into my area and told me to turn my web tv on. He said that a plane had it one of the towers. We just stood there watching in horror. We had a few people on one of those planes. It was such a weird day. I thought at first it was just a plane had gone into the tower and then another one hit the second tower and knew it wasn’t just an accident.

  3. SufficientGrace Says:

    I had just arrived at work. I was a publicist at a rescue mission at the time. For some reason, my hubby had driven me to work that day, and we had heard a little bit on the car radio. When I got into the office, I turned on the tv, (one of the perks of being a publicist, having the TV there.) I had assumed, at the news that a plane had crashed into the building that it was a cessna or such with a student pilot or someone really not watching where they were going… quickly discovered my error on that one as soon as the second one hit. What tore my heart most about watching the coverage that day, (very little got done in the office work-wise) were the people that were hundreds of stories up… yet they jumped. What kind of horrible, heartrending decision were they facing? Burn to death, or jump? They had to know they wouldn’t survive the fall… I can’t imagine otherwise. And then there was the couple that was photographed falling holding hands… it was just too much to bear. 😦 At risk of running off on a political tangent, I just have to say I’m sorry to see that SOOO many people seem to have forgotten why we got into this war to begin with. Terrorists attacked America on our own soil. The “we shall never forget” slogans that were plastered everywhere in 2001 WERE quickly forgotten, and that really saddens me. 😦

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