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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Walk with me… July 30, 2008

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I’m going to take 1,000,000 steps in the next three months! That’s right, one MILLION steps! In THREE months! That’s about 11,000 steps a day. About 1500 LESS than I need to meet the “walk to lose weight” goal of 12,500 steps a day.

Oh my word – I’m throwing a lot of numbers at y’all there, aren’t I?

I finally found a pedometer that I’m not only happy to have, but THRILLED to have. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 before now. Most of them would register steps that I didn’t take. Every time I went over a bump while sitting in the car, every time I stood up or sat down, and have mercy if I actually dropped it. Which I’ve been known to do. And NONE of them was designed to be carried in my pocket.

Until I found the one I have now. It’s the Omron HJ-112 and it’s WONDERFUL! I only logs actual steps that I take. I know this because I dropped it today and it didn’t register ANY of the bumping around as it skipped across the kitchen floor. I can wear it on a lanyard around my neck, put in my purse or my pocket, or clip it on my belt. But since I don’t wear a belt, ever, and I don’t carry my purse everywhere I go every second of every day, and I’m not known to wear a lanyard, I just stick it in my pocket.

Before breakfast, I’d already registered 2,000 steps! I’m trying my hand at keeping track of all my steps on so that I can actually know when I’m meeting my goal and when I’m not. I think 10,000 steps averages out to about 5 miles a day. I always KNEW that I got a bunch of exercise chasing 4 kiddos around all day. Now I’ll know exactly how much I walk in an average day.

How much do you walk?


Tackle It Tuesday – The Home Office edition… July 15, 2008

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So, we’ve got a couple weeks off for the summer and we’ve decided we’re going to do more of a stay-cation and do some work around the house. Not my idea of vacation, but it needs to be done.

Today, I’m tackling the home office. Our office is a mess. The closet is full to the brim with empty boxes, out-dated homeschooling books and Little People. The futon is PILED with needing to be folded laundry. Clothes my kids obviously don’t need because those same clothes haven’t been touched in two weeks. And my desk? The one with the broken computer? Well, the piles are winning since we haven’t used the desk in almost 2 months. Which means I haven’t had to look at the mess, so it hasn’t bothered me enough to put it all away. Did I mention that unless the kids are actually playing in there, the door stays closed?

Because we all know that if you can’t see a mess, there really must not be a mess, right?


Yeah, I’m past the point of self-denial. And my list keeps growing everytime I look into the room.

  • Fold the laundry
  • Clean out the closet
    • Decide which empty boxes really must be kept.
    • Get rid of the rest of them
    • List all of the unused/out-dated homeschooling stuff online
    • List all the tchokes (pronounced choch-keys) on either freecycle or craigslist. Ever realize those tchokes include the word choke? My closet it simply choked with them!
  • Go through my paperback books. List them on and request some new ones.
  • Clean off the desk
    • Sort papers
    • File papers that need to be kept
    • Sort computer games. List unwanted ones on craigslist or freecycle
  • Sand the patched hole in the wall.
  • Fill other small holes that have appeared. You’ve got to love 80 year old plaster walls!
  • Box up borrowed homeschooling resources and give them back to Tammy.
  • Box up last years school work. Yes, I *know* school ended 2 months ago.

And I’m really hoping that I can convince Chip to help me work on all of it later this afternoon. Which will probably be the hardest thing on the list to tackle!

So, what are you tackling today?

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Healthy living challenge… July 1, 2008

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Well, it’s finally here! I’m going to tackle that monster called weight loss. I had 4 kids in 8 years and never lost all the baby weight with each kid I had. I hate to exercise. But I’m getting there. I know it’s one of those things that once I start, I’ll enjoy it. But getting started is such a pain. I kicked off a “pre-diet” a couple weeks ago (because I knew I was going to do this starting today) and didn’t want to DIE because I made changes to drastically. Guess what? I lost 5 pounds on the pre-diet!!!

So, today I kick off my healthy living challenge. I’ve decided to set realistic goals. And I’ve only got four – 

  1. Eat as healthy as possible, as much as possible.
  2. Drink 120 oz. of water daily and and match any caffeine intake ounce for ounce.
  3. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day every day but Sunday.
  4. No eating after 10 p.m.

The ones that are going to trip me up the most are numbers 2 & 3. I do not like to exercise and I really do not like to drink water!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Tackle it Tuesday – Laundry, again… June 24, 2008

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I’ve officially decided. I hate doing laundry. I mean, unless I make everyone strip naked and run around that way, ALL of the laundry is never going to be clean. And don’t think that I haven’t thought about that whole naked thing. But I’m pretty sure that it’s probably illegal? At the least, it would be considered child abuse. So, my kids stay dressed for the most part. And I try not to hold a grudge against Adam & Eve for even making laundry necessary!


Does that picture look familiar? It should. It’s the same one that was there last week. Because I have had absolutely NO time. My older kids were at camp last week and I actually had to watch the little kids. Because they are sneaky at the ages of 6, 3, and 1. Do you have any idea how sneaky those little kids can be? Because I certainly do! And it all added up to me cleaning up mess after mess and leaving no time for laundry.

However – THIS week, we have family coming over on Sunday afternoon for lunch. Out of town family. And I’m guessing that they will want somewhere to sit while they are here. So, the laundry MUST be done. And it must be done TODAY because I’ve got a personal “tackle it” list for every day this week. And laundry is on there TWICE! Because if I do it all today, I’m still going to have to do it all again on Saturday.

So, when my brain snaps and I finally start speaking jibberish and drooling on my shirt, y’all make sure to remind my dear, sweet Chip (who will take care of me because we have a deal, oh yes we do) that it was LAUNDRY that finally pushed me over the edge!

I should probably go find myself some more coffee and get to it.

So, what are you tackling today?


Healthy living… June 19, 2008

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So, I’m jumping the gun just a little bit and starting early. Hoping to get some good trends started before I actually start my 31 days of healthy living on July 1st. I have four goals…

  1. Eat as healthy as possible, as much as possible.
  2. Drink 120 oz. of water daily and and match any caffeine intake ounce for ounce.
  3. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day every day but Sunday.
  4. No eating after 10 p.m.

They all seem like do-able goals. But the truth is, yesterday I tried my best to eat healthy. I tried my best to drink water. (I hate water. Dr. Pepper is so much better). I walked 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning. And yet but 4pm, my body thought it was STARVING! The baked ravioli for dinner did little to calm the monster in my stomach. My brain new that I wasn’t, but had a very hard time convincing my stomach otherwise. I could hear my stomach coaxing my brain, “There is chocolate in the kitchen cabinet. Remember chocolate? We had chocolate yesterday. We *both* like chocolate.” *sigh* It was a battle of wills. And in the end I ate two graham crackers while Chip ate s’mores. *sigh*

So, I’m starting my quest a few days early. So I don’t DIE when July starts. I’ve joined Gyminee to keep track of things like what I’m eating, how much I’m exercising, and the ugly truth that is my weight. So, who’s going to join me? Go sign up for your own Gyminee account and be my friend and let’s strive to live a healthier life together.

Who’s in?


Tackle it Tuesday – June 17, 2008… June 17, 2008

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I hate laundry. I don’t think I’d hate it nearly as much if our washer and dryer weren’t in the basement (which is finally dry after almost a month of having some sort of water/dampness in it from all that rain). I don’t think I’d hate it nearly enough if we didn’t have four kids (whom I’m definitely not trading for less laundry). I don’t think I’d hate it nearly enough if we hadn’t been in a car accident that totally messed up my shoulder. And I really think I could *love* laundry if someone would invent a machine that would put it away for me!

Maybe I could get one of those machines installed that the dry cleaner has that moves the clothes? I could just hang up everything and people could push a button with their name on it to bring their clothes around? Only problem with that would be if they threw something on the floor in their closet, the next time I pushed the button for my clothes, then the clothes on the floor would be on the floor of my closet and that would drive me batty!

So, for today, I’m going to tackle laundry. Most of it is clean. I probably only have two loads of actual clothes and then a load of towels to wash and dry. However, the MOUNTAIN of laundy on the couch plus the load in the dryer all need to be folded. Don’t believe it’s a mountain? Here’s the before picture:

And I promise – to myself and maybe my husband more than anyone – that I will actually get that folded and PUT AWAY today and not just moved to another spot in the house so I can post an after picture of an empty couch.

So, what are you tackling today?

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme


My top 100 things to do before I die… May 8, 2008

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I’m going to make a list. A list of things that I want to do before I die. 100 things at least. I am *not* going to finish this list tonight. But my comment last night about Cirque Du Soliel and posts by her and her and probably a few others that I read made me decide that I should make my own list. I’m not sure how far I’ll get tonight, but there is no time to start by the present.

  1. Finish this list!
  2. See Cirque Du Soleil live.
  3. Visit NYC.
  4. Take my kids on a real vacation that doesn’t involve visiting family.
  5. Go to Disney World.
  6. Write a book.
  7. Go on a safari in Africa.
  8. Visit Australia and New Zealand.
  9. Visit all of the MLB ballparks
  10. Visit all 50 United States.
  11. Eat authentic Italian food – in Italy!
  12. Go to The Masters.
  13. Have a book that I write published.
  14. Shower in a waterfall.
  15. Drive across America.
  16. Spend Christmas somewhere tropical.
  17. Lose 40 pounds.
  18. Go for a hike in the woods.
  19. Go geocaching.
  20. Plant a tree.
  21. Golf with my husband.
  22. See a tornado (but hopefully not up close).
  23. Fly a kite.
  24. Reach 500 readers on my blog in one day.
  25. Send a card to someone for no reason at all.
  26. Make something new for dinner that we’ve never had before and is a bit outside the box.
  27. Get my own domain name for my blog.
  28. Host my own blog (more from to
  29. Learn to knit.
  30. Have a regular date night with my husband – even if it’s at home after the kids are in bed.
  31. Start a regular family night before my kids are too old to appreciate it.
  32. Have an article or short story published.
  33. Buy a GREAT pair of shoes. (this is harder than most people think).
  34. Blog for 100 days straight.
Ok, I’m a third of the way done. That’s the easy part. The part that I can just jot off without thinking about too hard. The rest of it isn’t going to be quite so easy.