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Wild Goose Giveaway… August 19, 2008

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*Giveaway info at the end*

I’ve had the opportunity to read Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson already. It releases today via Amazon and all those other bookstores out there that I hear people use.

By the end of the first chapter, I was completely hooked. It’s a perfect book for those who feel like they are on a wild goose chase as they try and figure out this crazy ride called life and what God’s plans for them is. Because lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. A lot of wondering what comes next and how I get to that point. Maybe another name for this book could have been “Like a Chicken With My Head Cut Off.”  But the reminder to pursue God through it all is such great truth and explained clearly in this book. Especially when people around you are telling you that you’re crazy. It’s a reminder to live out your faith in day to day life as you take risks and adventures along the way.

Here’s the summary from the back of the book – 

Most of us have no idea where we’re going most of the time. Perfect. 

“Celtic Christians had a name for the Holy Spirit–An Geadh-Glas, or ‘the Wild Goose.’ The name hints at mystery. Much like a wild goose, the Spirit of God cannot be tracked or tamed. An element of danger, an air of unpredictability surround Him. And while the name may sound a little sacrilegious, I cannot think of a better description of what it’s like to follow the Spirit through life. I think the Celtic Christians were on to something….

Most of us will have no idea where we are going most of the time. And I know that is unsettling. But circumstantial uncertainty also goes by another name: Adventure.” –from the introduction.

Mark Batterson may be one of the best communicators I’ve ever heard. He is able to paint a picture that is memorable and has so many one-liners that I’ve lost count. He inspires me as we continue this crazy journey in ministry and as he reaches out to those he pastors at National Community Church on Capitol Hill. AND he dared to dream that a church could open a coffeehouse on the Hill! And saw that through to what is now the largest – and one of those most popular – coffeehouses!

I’ve got a free copy of Wild Goose Chase to give away to one of y’all! No strings attached. Just leave a comment below. If you twitter or blog about this giveaway on your own site, come back and leave a second comment and you’ll get two entries! I’m picking the winner at 11pm CST on Sunday night so the book can go out first thing on Monday morning.

So, go leave me a comment!


iTunes… June 14, 2008

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iTunes and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now we’re not on speaking terms. I’m tired of yelling at it. We’ll make up later tonight out of necessity, but right now I’m beyond frustrated with it.

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to reimport all of the music in iTunes? Without doing it all one by one? Because right now all by about 20 songs in my iTunes account are being labeled as “the original account cannot be found.” I’m sure that’s because all of the music is on a portable hard drive, but if I have to import them all song by song, well, iTunes and I just might have to breakup for a while.

Anyone out there have any idea how to help me?


Customer Service… May 15, 2008

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Bad customer service bothers me. If I’m going to spend my money on your product or in your store or on your website, I want to be treated with respect. I’m not looking for a reason to be upset, so please don’t go out of your way to treat me like I’m second rate. I am your customer and I am always right! (Just ask my husband – he’ll tell you that at the very least I always *think* I’m right).

We were in a grocery store that we frequent recently. It was 2pm on Monday. Which meant that all of the older people were already home from their morning shopping. And all of the soccer moms had already left for home to put their groceries away so they could go pick their kids up from school. The store was DEAD! There was hardly anyone there at all. As we wandered up and down the aisles, we saw the same two men and that was it. One was an older gentleman who could barely walk and the other was obviously the guy who goes and takes this guy out from time to time. They were the ONLY people that we saw. Other than employees.

(I  do want to say that not ALL of this trip had bad customer service. When I asked someone where something was, not only did he tell me where he thought it was, but he also went to check. When it wasn’t there, he went and asked someone who did. He was eager to help. He raced all over that store and didn’t rest until I had actually located on the shelf exactly what it was I was looking for. That kind of service – the kind that goes above and beyond – is my favorite kind).

Anyway, we had done all of our shopping and Chip had taken one of the kids to the bathroom. Which is why I’ll never shop without him. I had stopped by the checkouts – not actually entering a lane – to look behind me to make sure I had all my kids. When I hear someone say, “Ma’am?”

I’m not old enough to be a ma’am. But I heard it again, “Ma’am? This is an express lane. 10 items or less.”

First, I’m not in your lane. Second, I know how to read and can see the bright pink sign at the beginning of your lane. And third, you are standing there doing NOTHING and there are three other people in the only other open lane.  And she’s standing there looking at me like I had better not even think about getting into the lane. Is she KIDDING me?

So, I go and stand behind the other people in the other lane and wait my turn. Because that’s always a lot of fun with three kids who want to grab every piece of candy on the shelf. Two people in front of me go – in which time I absolutely CERTAIN this cashier who is standing there doing NOTHING could have rung up my groceries and bagged them and loaded them in my car for me. The two other men in the store come up to the checkouts with maybe 15-20 items in their cart. She denies them too. They get in line behind me, the one guy looking like he’s spent after grocery shopping and the other clearly irritated that this woman is standing there doing NOTHING.

I’m half tempted to let them go in front of me, but I’ve already been standing there for 10 minutes waiting my turn. And the natives are getting restless. I’ve already started putting my groceries up – which I organize in my cart as I put them in because I used to bag groceries so I’m a bit picky about it all.

Mercifully, the front desk clerk calls someone else up to help with the checkouts. Even though there are probably three other people shopping in the ENTIRE STORE! And “Bob” (because the younger guy kept saying, “We’ll just have to wait a few more minutes, Bob. Are you ok, Bob? We did a lot of shopping, didn’t we, Bob?) gets to go first in the new line. Thank goodness.

I had a pleasant cashier and bagboy. They chatted with me WHILE THEY WORKED and smiled the whole time. They kept things moving and I felt like they valued my time.

But then, I kid you not, as I was paying for my groceries and they were finishing the bagging, a lady came and got in line behind me with a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Because even though the light was on, the express lane lady was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! She worked so hard to make sure that her lane was available to such a specific group and when they were finally there, she was gone. I really, really hate when people use “rules and regulations” as a reason to not do their job.

I see a lot of parallels to the church in all of that. Or just to a Christian life for that fact. How’s your customer service? Are you willing to go out of your way and run all over to help out someone in need? Are you going to give service with a smile, with joy? Or are you going to use the “rules” to be an exclusive club that can only service a certain group? And will you be available to serve those you’re willing to reach?

So many Christians say they can’t do this and they can’t do that. They hide behind the rules. Only instead of 20 items or less, it’s 20 sins or less (because let’s face it, most Christians/churches who refuse to associate with sinners that struggle with things like porn or adultery or homosexuality or gambling or even *gasp* alcohol, are still more than willing to let the gossips, the slanders and the legalistic into their lives/churches). But when push comes to shove and those who are weary and worn and just run haggard show up at the door, they are of absolutely no help at all. Because when push comes to shove, they want little more than to warm a pew and be secure in their salvation but not a whole lot more. And they certainly don’t want to let anyone in who might do something or say something that would cause them to stumble (which is just such a huge cop out).

But then there are churches out there – of all sizes, not just mega-churches – who want nothing more than to serve Jesus. They want to introduce people to a very real Savior because they’ve had an encounter, because of someone with good “customer service”, and they think everyone should experience that kind of love and grace and mercy and freedom. And it is truly an amazing thing when the things of Jesus become viral. All because someone chose to love Jesus and love Him well.


Ready for the weekend… May 9, 2008

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I’m sitting in the recliner with my feet up. It’s going to be a LONG night for me I’m afraid since I just accidentally popped 3 excederin migraine pills. Oops! I went in there after Tylenol and wasn’t thinking apparently. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight. And I hope the headache goes away.

We took off this afternoon and went shopping. I bought a super cute new pair of shoes (slipper?). They are a pair of brown plaid super-cute shoes! And they are really warm! I’m not sure they are something that I’d wear out and about, but they’ll be great for kicking around the house.

 Oh! Did I mention that they were only $8!!!

And while I’m all snuggled into my chair, I’m gear up to watch the Phil Wickham concert FREE on his blog via mogulus. Go check it out –  He’s recording a live record tonight while he’s there and streaming it free online while it’s going on. I’m off to listen…


My top 100 things to do before I die… May 8, 2008

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I’m going to make a list. A list of things that I want to do before I die. 100 things at least. I am *not* going to finish this list tonight. But my comment last night about Cirque Du Soliel and posts by her and her and probably a few others that I read made me decide that I should make my own list. I’m not sure how far I’ll get tonight, but there is no time to start by the present.

  1. Finish this list!
  2. See Cirque Du Soleil live.
  3. Visit NYC.
  4. Take my kids on a real vacation that doesn’t involve visiting family.
  5. Go to Disney World.
  6. Write a book.
  7. Go on a safari in Africa.
  8. Visit Australia and New Zealand.
  9. Visit all of the MLB ballparks
  10. Visit all 50 United States.
  11. Eat authentic Italian food – in Italy!
  12. Go to The Masters.
  13. Have a book that I write published.
  14. Shower in a waterfall.
  15. Drive across America.
  16. Spend Christmas somewhere tropical.
  17. Lose 40 pounds.
  18. Go for a hike in the woods.
  19. Go geocaching.
  20. Plant a tree.
  21. Golf with my husband.
  22. See a tornado (but hopefully not up close).
  23. Fly a kite.
  24. Reach 500 readers on my blog in one day.
  25. Send a card to someone for no reason at all.
  26. Make something new for dinner that we’ve never had before and is a bit outside the box.
  27. Get my own domain name for my blog.
  28. Host my own blog (more from to
  29. Learn to knit.
  30. Have a regular date night with my husband – even if it’s at home after the kids are in bed.
  31. Start a regular family night before my kids are too old to appreciate it.
  32. Have an article or short story published.
  33. Buy a GREAT pair of shoes. (this is harder than most people think).
  34. Blog for 100 days straight.
Ok, I’m a third of the way done. That’s the easy part. The part that I can just jot off without thinking about too hard. The rest of it isn’t going to be quite so easy.

Weekend linkage… April 5, 2008

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So, I’m sitting here today wandering my way around Facebook. It’s too nice outside and I’ve got a fierce case of spring fever and do not want to work. I figure I can work when the sun goes down and it gets cold again. Anyhoo, I’m wandering around the new “people you may know” feature on Facebook (which is really cool when two people you know don’t know each other know the same people) and did a search through my Gmail contact list. And found MY MOM! Which was just insanely weird to me. Because my mom was among the last people I expected to find on Facebook.

Why was she the last person I expected to find? Because she’s usually the one calling me asking me what’s new on the web and this is one I didn’t tell her about. She found it on her own! I’m impressed! Anyway, so I thought I’d share a few of the websites that I use to make my life a little easier online…

Facebook – it’s THE social networking. It’s the only one I use anymore. I can easily keep in touch with anyone I know on it and it’s easy to use. So easy even my mom can use it. And trust me (no offense mom), if my mom can figure it out, anyone can.

Twitter – follow your friends and get up to the minute updates on what’s going on in their lives. Or at least up to the update info. It’s a lot like the “Your Name is…” fill in the blank thing on facebook. And you can import it into facebook so everytime you twitter it updates your facebook too. Go sign up for an account and follow me!

Bloglines – when you’re as big of a blogaholic as I am, you have to have somewhere to keep all your blog reads in one place. That’s what bloglines does. Imports the RSS feed from the blogs onto one site. So instead of visiting 50 blogs, you visit one place and read them all there. And it takes out all of the backgrounds and music and such so it doesn’t slow your computer down. If you’re not using bloglines, you should be.

Delicious – It’s an online place to keep all of your favorites. A lot like your favorites dropdown menu on Internet Explorer. Only it’s online so if something happens to your computer or you find yourself on vacation and using someone else’s computer, you still have access to all your favorites.

Gmail – I’ve used tons of different email platforms over the years and Google’s is far superior to them all as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never had a problem with it. And I’m sure that I’m not tapping it’s full potential. Someday I’ll have the time to really look into it. And it’s compatible with my 2.0 on my phone, so I can check my email from my phone when I’m on vacation or on the road.

Google – do people really still use other search engines? – the free blog software from WordPress is by far the best FREE platform I’ve found. And I’ve used them all. I’m still learning a lot of stuff, but it does everything that I want it to and if I ever decide that I *must* have things like ads on my blog, I can upgrade to a paid account (.net) or Typepad easily by their export feature. But that won’t happen until I buy my own domain name because I don’t want to change domains on y’all too many more times.

So, those are the big 6 that I use – the ones that make my favorites list on my phone – the ones I can’t live without. What are your “must haves” for your online experiences?


Craziness and a question… March 27, 2008

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Remember two weeks when I was freaking out because my blog topped out somewhere just above 100? And then last week when I was geeking out because I surpassed the 150 mark?  The past two days, I’ve have more than 250 unique readers each day. Absolutely unbelievable! Welcome to my new readers – although I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back around the 50 mark tomorrow now that American Idol is over until next week.

However, it’s not the end of television on my blog. There are TWO weeks left until an all new The Office and I can’t wait! I’ve missed seeing the reruns on Thursday nights, so I’m thankful for the magic of the DVR. I think I’ve watched the 8 episodes from this season 4-5 times each already. I’m going to start recapping them tomorrow I think. I’ve got some favorite moments from this season – like when Dwight whacks Michael in the back of the head with his shoe in Survivor Man. Freaking hilarious!!!!  It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Which I’ve had to apologize to Chip for more than once since I usually watch while I’m laying in bed at night as he’s trying to sleep. Geesh, I’m laughing *now* as I watch it replay in my head.

It was a rather uneventful and gloomy day today. The weather pattern outside is dreary and my head has been telling me all day that a thunderstorm was on the way. The chirping weatherbug is finally telling me the same thing. I think maybe I should be a meterologist. I love weather, especially storms, and my head is much more reliable than the guys on the telly. Unfortunately, that would mean going back for years of school, and well, *that* I’m not very interested in.

Speaking of weather, I have a question. We’ve got this weatherbug thing on our computer that probably half of America does. It does this annoying chirping thing when there is an alert of some sort. And really, it kind of gets on my nerves. I mean, once I’ve seen it once, I don’t need to be reminded every 45 minutes.  My question is about those weather radio alert system thingamabobs. Does anyone know what kind of alert system they have? I’d like to get one for when we’re sleeping at night and such, but I dont’ want it going off every 45 minutes because I can guarantee that it would cause a storm if it kept waking me up all night. I guess I just want to make sure that I won’t be tempted to smash it to bits before I actually buy it. Anyone have one of these things?