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I wonder… February 6, 2008

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Ok, now that most of the people that I know are done voting (I do realize that there are still a few out there left to vote – but most of them don’t read my blog), I’ve got some thoughts.

I voted for Romney. I’ve got issues with Huckabee. Lots of them. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. And don’t even get me started on McCain.

As the race goes on, it is CLEAR that McCain is the front runner. Second place is a close tie between two people who are splitting the vote. And eventually one of them is going to drop out. My guess is that it will be Huckabee with his third place standing. And my guess is that he is going to throw his support (and delegates) behind McCain.

I guess my question is for those in particular out there who are one issue voters who voted for Huckabee simply because he is pro-life. I know a LOT of them. I wonder what they think about THEIR vote going to support a man who is pro-choice. I wonder what they are going to think about a man who throws his support to the man who has chosen to stick it to the Republican party at every chance he got. Because right now, that is exactly what it looks like is going to happen.

┬áThe race isn’t over by a longshot. There is still a lot of ugliness to be seen and a lot of mud-slinging left to do. I’m already tired of hearing about how this country needs change, without any concrete ideas behind espousing change. George Bush won on the platform. He called out to America with a voice for change to win the first election. Everyone was sick of the Clintons in Washington and they didn’t want to see Gore in the Oval Office. Change for change sake is a mistake. What I want is to hear a candidate come out and say what he wants to change, how he plans to change it and why that change is necessary. If someone could give me something concrete like that, I’d be willing to vote for them regardless of party lines (as long as it was something I agreed with). But right now all I hear is a lot of empty promises about how we’re going to change this country without any substance behind it.