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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

iTunes… June 14, 2008

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iTunes and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now we’re not on speaking terms. I’m tired of yelling at it. We’ll make up later tonight out of necessity, but right now I’m beyond frustrated with it.

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to reimport all of the music in iTunes? Without doing it all one by one? Because right now all by about 20 songs in my iTunes account are being labeled as “the original account cannot be found.” I’m sure that’s because all of the music is on a portable hard drive, but if I have to import them all song by song, well, iTunes and I just might have to breakup for a while.

Anyone out there have any idea how to help me?


Ready for the weekend… May 9, 2008

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I’m sitting in the recliner with my feet up. It’s going to be a LONG night for me I’m afraid since I just accidentally popped 3 excederin migraine pills. Oops! I went in there after Tylenol and wasn’t thinking apparently. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight. And I hope the headache goes away.

We took off this afternoon and went shopping. I bought a super cute new pair of shoes (slipper?). They are a pair of brown plaid super-cute shoes! And they are really warm! I’m not sure they are something that I’d wear out and about, but they’ll be great for kicking around the house.

 Oh! Did I mention that they were only $8!!!

And while I’m all snuggled into my chair, I’m gear up to watch the Phil Wickham concert FREE on his blog via mogulus. Go check it out –  He’s recording a live record tonight while he’s there and streaming it free online while it’s going on. I’m off to listen…


Weekend linkage… April 5, 2008

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So, I’m sitting here today wandering my way around Facebook. It’s too nice outside and I’ve got a fierce case of spring fever and do not want to work. I figure I can work when the sun goes down and it gets cold again. Anyhoo, I’m wandering around the new “people you may know” feature on Facebook (which is really cool when two people you know don’t know each other know the same people) and did a search through my Gmail contact list. And found MY MOM! Which was just insanely weird to me. Because my mom was among the last people I expected to find on Facebook.

Why was she the last person I expected to find? Because she’s usually the one calling me asking me what’s new on the web and this is one I didn’t tell her about. She found it on her own! I’m impressed! Anyway, so I thought I’d share a few of the websites that I use to make my life a little easier online…

Facebook – it’s THE social networking. It’s the only one I use anymore. I can easily keep in touch with anyone I know on it and it’s easy to use. So easy even my mom can use it. And trust me (no offense mom), if my mom can figure it out, anyone can.

Twitter – follow your friends and get up to the minute updates on what’s going on in their lives. Or at least up to the update info. It’s a lot like the “Your Name is…” fill in the blank thing on facebook. And you can import it into facebook so everytime you twitter it updates your facebook too. Go sign up for an account and follow me!

Bloglines – when you’re as big of a blogaholic as I am, you have to have somewhere to keep all your blog reads in one place. That’s what bloglines does. Imports the RSS feed from the blogs onto one site. So instead of visiting 50 blogs, you visit one place and read them all there. And it takes out all of the backgrounds and music and such so it doesn’t slow your computer down. If you’re not using bloglines, you should be.

Delicious – It’s an online place to keep all of your favorites. A lot like your favorites dropdown menu on Internet Explorer. Only it’s online so if something happens to your computer or you find yourself on vacation and using someone else’s computer, you still have access to all your favorites.

Gmail – I’ve used tons of different email platforms over the years and Google’s is far superior to them all as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never had a problem with it. And I’m sure that I’m not tapping it’s full potential. Someday I’ll have the time to really look into it. And it’s compatible with my 2.0 on my phone, so I can check my email from my phone when I’m on vacation or on the road.

Google – do people really still use other search engines? – the free blog software from WordPress is by far the best FREE platform I’ve found. And I’ve used them all. I’m still learning a lot of stuff, but it does everything that I want it to and if I ever decide that I *must* have things like ads on my blog, I can upgrade to a paid account (.net) or Typepad easily by their export feature. But that won’t happen until I buy my own domain name because I don’t want to change domains on y’all too many more times.

So, those are the big 6 that I use – the ones that make my favorites list on my phone – the ones I can’t live without. What are your “must haves” for your online experiences?


What is Twitter? April 1, 2008

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I’ve had a couple people ask me lately what Twitter is and why I’m always doing it.

Websters defines twittering as “to speak rapidly”. So, it’s a quick shout out.

Go here and SIGN UP and try it out! Basically it’s real life updates on what’s going on in my life, your life, everyones lives in 140 characters or less.  You can update from the web, from instant messengers or by text message (See, Suzanne, even you can do this!).  I really like it because when I twitter, it not only updates on Twitter, but also my Facebook and over there ——> on my blog. I’m never more than a click away with twitter!

 And after you sign up for your own account, *follow* me by clicking through here and hitting the follow button! Then whenever you sign in to Twitter, you can find out exactly what I’m doing and where I’m doing it at. And if you want to go a step further – sign up for TwitPic too and you can twitter photos sent via txt message too!


Spam-a-lot… March 7, 2008

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No, not the play. That nasty stuff that you get in your email junk box. But it’s suddenly gone to a whole new level for me.

I don’t mind junk mail. Everyone enjoys getting mail that isn’t a bill.

I don’t even mind spam in my email too much because it doesn’t take that much effort to hit delete. And most of it goes to my spam folder automatically anyway.

I *DO* mind however, when I get it on my PHONE!!!  That’s right – TWICE tonight – in a very short period of time, I got SPAMMED on my PHONE!!!  The first time it was someone named who was telling me I have someone who has a crush on me and I should go check out a certain website (no – I will *not* be driving traffic to their site).  The second time it was telling me that I can “reduce debt now at…”

I do find it kind of funny that I have friends who are names Suzanne and Holly and they are actually sisters-in-law.

And I’m really, really hoping that some trolling bot that searches the internet stumbles across my blog and spams those two email addresses until they explode!

They are VERY lucky that I have a txting plan on my phone or I’d be livid. And if they do it again in the middle of the night, SOMEONE is going to have to pay!


Editing to say that I got TWO more SPAM texts in the middle of the night sometime! Thankfully my phone was downstairs!  Chip got one a little after midnight and so did both of my in-laws! Chip’s mom thought something was wrong with someone somewhere with both of them getting texts so late at night and one right after another!

If spamming cellphones isn’t illegal, it certainly should be!


Bloggers go to Uganda… February 10, 2008

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I’m more of a World Vision person, but Compassion International has caught my attention in recent days. How? With bloggers!

 CI is taking a group of well-known bloggers in Christian circles – people who have blogs that would be considered viral – and flying them to Uganda to bring awareness to the situation there. They are making the most of a movement and bringing several of the bloggers that I read with them.

We had Pastor Herman from Uganda with us last May. You hear a lot of different crises in Africa – the HIV pandemic in South Africa, the current crisis in Darfur, but you hear little about the crisis that has ravaged much of Uganda and left many children without their parents.

I’m praying that the bloggers will be forever changed, that hearts will be tugged and that children will find compassion from sponsors who want to make a difference.


By george, I think he’s got it… February 8, 2008

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With the exception of an accident this morning when he was with his PawPaw, I think Seth has this whole potty training thing down. I love it when we’re talking about it. He’ll say something about having to go pee and I’ll ask him where it goes and he’ll say, “In the potty train…” ROFL! It must be the potty train since we are potty training?

On a completely different front, I think our DVR is dying. Again. It will be the second one in about a year? I’d have to go back to check and see when the last time we replaced it was. All I can say is if it screwed up my LOST episode, I’m *not* going to be happy. I wonder if I can make DISH pay for me to download it from wherever it is that you can download it now (I think ABC shows are still on iTunes – although I’m not sure how I feel about buying from iTunes with the current writers strike).