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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Rain, rain, go away… September 4, 2008

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So, Hurricane Gustav has made it’s way to the Midwest. It pushed it’s way up and started DUMPING water on us yestrday afternoon. We got about a 2 hour break yesterday – right during football practice – and came back with winds and rain. And oh. my. word. with the rain already!

Have I mentioned recently that our basement is *not* waterproofed? Thankfully experience has led us to a place where we try to keep things up off the floor down there. Still makes for a mess though.

And my kids? They are about to drive me insane! After a summer of glorious weather that found them wanting to be outside even more than normal, they are not used to being cooped up in the house. I think we need to invest in a hamster wheel for them. Those kids? Especially the boys. They need a place to run!

Thankfully, with this rain, comes cooler weather. I *should* be able to open the windows tomorrow. Which should induce some supernatural desire within to clean. Notice I said should. Not would. But I’m going to try. And I’m able to pull out some old favorites for dinner. Instead of the garlicky orange chicken that was on my menu, I’ve got my stock pot going and we’ll be having some good old fashioned chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. My Gram would be proud.


Rain, rain on my brain… June 7, 2008

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And in the yard and spilling over the creek banks…

There is water EVERYWHERE out there! I’m going to take the easy way out and just show y’all some of the pictures that we’ve endured today. We’ve gotten 10 inches of rain in the last week. Last July I don’t think we got 10 inches the entire month! At the end of fall, we were in drought conditions. Now we have more water than we know what to do with! I’ll be back to update this later with more pictures from other places around town. But for now, this is the little creek that is just down the hill from our house. You can see it from our kitchen window.

Some poor kid lost his basketball hoop in all the storms last night. Seth is very concerned about it and wants to find the kid and buy him a new one. (as always – click the pictures to make them bigger)…

This creek is normally about 4 feet wide. The kids can almost jump across it from top to top. The creek is always low enough that they can walk across it. I’m not the best judge of distances, but can tell you that the creek usually runs BETWEEN those rows of trees right in the middle.

A picture looking the other way over the bridge. The creek is still only about 4 feet across on this side too. It would be about twice the width of the back of Noah’s head in this picture (if that) if that helps y’all put it in perspective.

We’ve got other small lakes that have sprung up. The creek is already receding some from where it was earlier today. And the kids say that it’s not up over Church street anymore where it curves around. I’ll try and have some more pictures later.


2 more pics…

Chip and I have a wedding today, so we had to literally *search* for a way to get the kids to his parents house. We tried to go south of town (we were in a hurry and didn’t have time to snap a picture) the way we normally do and the road was closed (if I had checked my comments here I’d have known before we left since we have friends that live on the top of that hill). So, we tried to go the back way around the park. Um – that was even more flooded than the normal way. I did snap some pictures of that…

We did end up coming home a back way, but did have to drive through some water that made us a little nervous.  But nothing as bad as this.

I’m hoping to take a couple more pictures before the sun goes down. We should have some time to kill between the wedding and reception while they finish up pictures. It’s all kind of surreal around here right now with all the water. Seth is starting to talk about building a boat! And more rain is in the forecast for next week!


Why I’m not online… June 3, 2008

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We’ve been having storms since last night. Since midnight we’ve had almost five INCHES of rain. We had to run to Target tonight and got out of Decatur 10 minutes before the storm hit and the sirens went off. Lots of wind. Lots of rain. Lots of whining from the kids and dogs. (After we had a down draft 2.5 years ago that ripped the windows off the front of our house, the oldest two get a bit freaked by storms).

Fortunately, I love a good storm! I think Chip is a little over the whole live weather news from our local station, but he humors me and lets me watch.


STORMING… May 30, 2008

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It’s crazy storming outside. We’re having horrible thunderstorms and there is a tornado heading for Chip’s parents town (sirens and everything). My kids are FREAKING out. I’m updating Twitter and have a couple pics over there ————-> for those of y’all who are praying.


Editing to say that we weathered the storm. I’ll tell you – my kids get more worked up and hyper over a storm than they do if you give them just a bit bowl of sugar! Wow!

I did have a couple cute conversations with Seth when it was all winding down though.

They had gone up to bed already when we got some thunder with the backside of the storm. Seth came downstairs and was asking me if we needed to go in the basement. I assured him that we didn’t, but he wasn’t convinced easily. He started going on and on about the tornadoes, only he called them “tomatoes.” At one point he couldn’t remember what he called them. He said, “The toe… toe… melons! There are no melons in the basement!” I almost lost it! I assured him that, “No, there were no tornadoes in the basement.” He just looked at me and said, “No more tomatoes!” Nope, kid, don’t have any of those either!

Then later, he was all snuggled up on my lap. The storm was really raging again outside and he was over being afraid of the tomatoes. We have satellite for our television, so if the storm gets too thick we lose programming until it clears off a bit. When the satellite goes out, a screen pops up that says as much. When it came up, he said, “OH! It’s a text!” Then proceeded to read it to me. “No more tomatoes!” (I really didn’t have the heart to correct him – he’s my last baby and I want to hold onto that for a while yet). He was so serious when he read it too. I asked him who it was from and he just looked up at me, serious as a heart attack, and said, “From God!” and gave me a big smile! I assured him that indeed there would be no more tornadoes tonight (more because of what the weather guy said than anything) and within minutes he was sleeping on my lap. The perfect way to end the night!


Not my fault… April 18, 2008

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Apparently that fault belongs to New Madrid or something!

We were sleeping, rather soundly I might add, in our own bed for the first time all week last night. It was WONDERFUL. I didn’t even hear the train. But at about 4:30 this morning, our house started rocking and rolling. Our bedroom door started shaking and I got a bit dizzy laying in bed.

It was an EARTHQUAKE!  And here in Central Illinois, when your house is rolling like that, well it’s a pretty big deal. We don’t live on the West Coast. I tried finding it online in the middle of the night, but finally just checked Twitter.  Yep, earthquake. I didn’t think it was an explosion, but when the plant in Illiopolis blew a few years ago, we felt it AND heard it. This time I didn’t hear anything, so I figured it was an earthquake.

And it’s not the first one I’ve felt since we’ve lived here. But at 5.2 this was the biggest I’ve ever felt. Awesome! Noah was the only one who woke up. He thinks it’s a very cool thing and has been talking about it all morning!

For those of you who missed it – you can read about it here: 5.2 magnitude earthquake rocks midwest  The epicenter was only about 100 miles from us.


It’s not fair… March 3, 2008

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It was 71° today as we were coming home from lunch at a friend’s house. I was hoping we’d really break 60° like the weatherman predicted, so this exceeded my hopes and dreams!

I walked out the door after church, across the yard and proceeded to open every window in our house. Well, the ones that open anyway. When your house is 100 years old, at least half of them are bound to be painted shut! Which half of ours are. I think the only window still open is the one in our bedroom. Which I’ll grudgingly shut before we go to bed. *sigh*

Because tomorrow, winter returns. Thankfully we’re not under any winter storm watches like some of the parts of our state, but we are supposed to get an INCH of snow and sleet tomorrow night. *UGH!* I could actually cry! I want winter to END! But at least days like today give me hope that it will eventually come to an end. It’s not going to stay cold forever.


Good news, bad news, kinda foggy… February 5, 2008

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Yesterday was a bad news/good news kind of day. We spent the entire day at doctor’s appointments – mostly for Chip. We left earlier than we’d originally planned because of the fog. Visibility was less than a block and while they said it should lift by noon, it never did. It was almost midnight before we were able to look out the window and actually see the grain elevator across the street. At one point it was so foggy, we couldn’t even see the church building or the neighbors on the other side. It was crazy!

The first appt was for Chip’s arm. He had an NCV and EMG almost two weeks ago and we were hoping for results. The doctores office still didn’t have the results in hand yet when we got there, but managed to track them down while we were talking to the dr. Preliminary reports says that the results are all normal. NOT the results we were hoping for because it puts us back to square one. And it doens’t help that the dr is stuck on the whole “You have arthritis in your shoulder” thing. Chip’s doctor and the radiologist said that it looks like a bit of arthritis in his shoulder, but when we saw a specialist months ago, he didn’t seem to think so. He’s trying a new medicine for nerve pain and a steroidal anti-inflammatory to see if that will help. It’s been a long 3 months of pain in his arm and we are back at square one in trying to figure it all out. *ugh*

From there, we went up to the chiropractor. I was having problems with my lower back as well and they gave me a workout! We missed our appointment last week Friday because 15 inches of snow dumped in our yard, so it had been almost a week since our last appointment. I think every bone/joint in my body popped! But it felt soooo good! Even my shoulder popped like we’ve been trying to get it to. As much as I hate having to go to the chiro 2-3 times a week, I’m very thankful that there is someone out there who can relieve my pain some! This whole car accident thing is realy a pain in the neck – literally!

After the chiro, we stopped at home for a few minutes. We came home to find that the dear lady we had watching the kids had not only watched the kids, but also done our dishes and folded the laundry! WHAT A SAINT!!! I made the kids some sweet tea and we were off again.

We met up with Chip’s parents and his grandma for lunch. Her birthday was just a week ago and we didn’t make it down this year. So, we went for lunch at Steak & Shake to celebrate! It’s been hard to watch her health deteriorate over the past couple years. We all seem to know that the time in coming soon that she will be forced from her home because she just can’t do it all on her own anymore. But it’s heart-warming to see how tenderly everyone is dealing with the situation. Granny really has a family that loves her!

After that, we ran and dropped off Chip’s prescriptions from dr #1 at the Target pharmacy and then hightailed it back to the hospital for appt #3. This was a routine checkup by the pulmonologist. Two years ago, we walked through a dark time where words like hospitalization, mass in your chest and biopsy just rocked our world! And while it was just a fungus and he actually had it a bit better off that others who have dealt with this (we had a lady in our church who went through the same thing this year – only it attacked her heart instead of her lungs), they still followed him through the clinic for 2 years. Yesterday, we got the ALL CLEAR!!!  He is being released from the clinic back to his primary MD.  While I wasn’t worried, there is always that lingering doubt in the back of your mind. I’m sooo thankful to be able to close that chapter and move on to the next! (If you go back to the end of March 2006 in the archives, you can read through it all).

We white-knuckled our way through the fog back to Target, did our grocery shopping at Kroger and then came home to relieve Chip’s dad, who had come to relieve our sitter for us after lunch. We had a quiet night at home and watched as the thunderstorms finally blew the fog out!

Today was a rather quiet day as well – which is how I like them. We went out and voted – I’d tell you who for, but then I’d have to kill you! My guy dropped out a couple weeks ago. I’m just not real thrilled with any of the candidates. Although I’ll be glued to the television tonight to watch the results roll in.

Y’all still with me? Not real exciting stuff, but I wanted to get it all down so that years from now I can look back and remember…