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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

More pictures than you could ever want… December 29, 2007

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I spent a bit of time today updating my Flickr account with pictures from our trip South, the first snowfall of the season, and the Christmas pictures. There are a bunch of other ones in there as well.  I’ll pull out a few of my favorites to post on the blog in the next day or so. I’m muddling with a migraine today. Not. fun. at. all.

 OH! And if you’re looking for a GREAT batch editor for making your photos smaller so you can upload them (my new camera takes all of the pictures so they are like 3mb each), I HIGHLY recommend Visualizer Photo Resize.  It’s FREE and super easy to use! I was able to set it to resize about 230 pictures and walked away for 5 minutes and came back and it was DONE!!!  Did I mention that it’s FREE?!?


Merry Christmas… December 22, 2007

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LOVE it… December 13, 2007

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one big happy


Adventures in journeying… December 11, 2007

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After we picked up the car on Tuesday, we decided that we would drive down to the Gulf of Mexico via Galveston. We got out and walked along the seawall just as the tide was rolling in. In wonderful 60 degree weather! The only thing that could have made the day any better would have been a grande brew with room from Starbucks. The palm trees and the gulf and the smell of saltwater…  BEAUTIFUL! We definitely want to go back and bring the kids!

The next day, we completely changed up our plans. The original plan had been to go to Memphis via Little Rock, but after looking at the map and deciding to take an extra day to get home, we drove over to Shreveport, Louisiana. While there we stopped at a HUGE Bass Pro Shops right on the riverwalk (which we walked along for a while) that had alligators outside of it. We took pictures for the kids – which they thought was great! (I think the real highlight of the trip was being able to connect with our kids not only via phone, but also by text, email and instant messenger).

Our next stop was Vicksburg, Mississippi. Chip is a HUGE Civil War buff and it was the one stop he really wanted to make while we were on the road. I called my Gram from Vicksburg. She’s a Mississippi native – my dad was actually born in Jackson.  We entered the park and didn’t have to pay because it was 4:30 and they closed at 5. It’s a 16 mile drive so we knew we wouldn’t be able to see it all. But we certainly didn’t expect to get LOCKED in the park at 4:50. We had turned to go back to the entrance via the marked signs and the gate was LOCKED! Fortunately, it’s a hot spot for jogging and a good samartian told us how to turn around and continue down the road and where to turn to get out. She just kept saying how she couldn’t believe they’d locked the gates already. But we were able to see where many of the Illinois troops fought in one of the most important battles in the Civil War. We are starting to make plans to go back. Elijah’s excited because he’s a Civil War buff like his dad (we’re actually studying it right now in school) and he keeps saying, “But we could make it a SCHOOL trip…”

When in Memphis, like any good tourist, we drove past Graceland and looked for Elvis in the upper windows of the mansion. We followed signs and tried to find the Pink Palace – which we had no idea what it was so we had no idea what we were looking for (it’s a mansion owned by Clarence Saunders who is the founder of the Piggly Wiggly and headquarters for the Pink Palace Museums). We ended up eventually getting downtown to Beale Street for lunch. Enjoyed the amibiance of great Blues music and soaked in a bit of the culture and history.

Before leaving Texas, we looked for a palm tree to bring home with us for our Christmas tree for this year, but they were either outrageously priced or just not what we were looking for. I guess for our kids to see a real palm tree, we’re just going to have to take them South sometime.


Adventures in the airport…

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Ok, so I don’t have the pictures on the computer yet. But I need to get this started or it’s never going to get done. I’m in a writing kind of mood this afternoon, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy…

Last week Monday, Chip and I flew to Houston, Texas.  We had bought a van on eBay. Lots of people were skeptical about it all. We were confident. I’m been eBaying for so long, that there was never even a doubt that this would anything less than the ideal way to go.

We left early on Monday morning and our dear friend Kevin, who pastors another church here in our small town, drove us over to Indianapolis to the airport.  It’s the first time we’ve flown post-September 11th, so we weren’t sure what exactly to expect. Especially when the guy in line next to us was “flagged” by his airline for special inspection. YIKES!

But we boarded the plane without incident, sent some pics from our phone (which are over there —–>) to the kids before takeoff, and sat back while we waited to takeoff.

That’s when the *real* fun started! It wasn’t the turbulence that bothered me. We had plenty of that. What really got me was the takeoff and landing. I thought my ears were going to EXPLODE at one point. I told Chip that if we ever fly again, we’ll pay the extra money for a direct flight. I’m only going up and coming back down ONE TIME!

We got to Atlanta with no problem, got ourselves some coffee and waited an hour for the connecting flight. I found myself some DayQuil upon suggestion from my mom (she actually said Benedryl, but that makes my heart race and I figured that a heart attack at 3500 feet wasn’t a good idea), which greatly relieved the pressure in my head but didn’t really help the pain a whole lot.

I think the “scariest” thing that happened was when we were sitting on the plane waiting to pull away from the gate in Atlanta. The pilot came on and said that we were waiting for baggage from a connecting flight because they didn’t want someone to be without their luggage. YIKES! Thankfully our bag made it through all the way to Houston without any problems.

Would I fly again? Absolutely!


I know… November 28, 2007

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I’ve really been slacking in my blogging lately. Maybe because my days consist of little more right now than going to the chiropracter and looking for a new vehicle for our family. We’ve seen a couple that we liked, but there was just something wrong with them all. I know what God’s done in the past for us regarding our vehicles, and we’ve seen him provide abundantly in this instance even, so I know that I know that I know that He cares about even these small details regarding a new vehicle for us. That why, even when people say that we just need to get something, I can stand strong and say, “I will not settle for anything less than the best God has for our family!”

 Otherwise, we’ve been doing ok. Chip’s been sick with some sort of viral thing. I’ve got allergies and I’m determined to figure out what it is without allergy testing. The kids are all doing well.

Think I’ll do another month of blogging through December. Seems I have to do them every few months or so to get myself back on track.


Signage… November 20, 2007

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The holiday season is upon us and that means that the party invitations are starting to arrive.  I love this time of year and I love parties, but I’ve got one major gripe about this time of year.

Lack of street addresses on houses.

And our house isn’t any better. The numbers are up high, they are on the top of the front of the porch, and they don’t have any light that reaches them. At night – which comes way too early in the winter if you ask me, which you didn’t but it’s my blog, so… – you can’t see our house number.  For us, it’s not that big of a problem.  We just say it’s next to the big brick church. You pull around back into the parking lot and that’s our house.

But I hate it when you’re going to a party and you get there early enough because you’ve never been there before, but they tell you the color of the house and the house number – neither of which you can see in the dark! (Can you tell we recently had this issue come up in our lives? We went to a party and knocked on the door hoping that it was the right house. Thankfully it was the only one right there that had 10 cars parked at it).

Enter Artificial Rocks Factory.

They’ve got some very decorative landscaping rocks (that don’t weight 1000 pounds) that light up by themselves (solar power) that will proudly display your address for all to see! They are pretty enough that they aren’t an eye sore for the neighbors (especially for those of you who live in a community with a co-op) and you really can’t tell them apart from the real rocks that are there for landscaping.

Looking for the perfect housewarming/Christmas gift to bring to that special party? This may very well be it! If you can find the right house…