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Growing up I longed for the fast paced life of big city life and corporate America. Now I’m a stay at home mom of 4 in a small rural community! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! (At least for now).

Remember that concert… August 8, 2008

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Way back in May that I stayed up to watch Phil Wickham live from Portland on streaming video? Well, it’s now been turned into a live cd! And he’s making it available for FREE on his blog starting today 08.08.08. It’s the perfect CD to gear up for the Olympics to! Ok, so maybe not exactly, but it’s definitely worth your time (which I understand is way more valuable than your money so I won’t sell you short) to download and give a listen. Phil’s song “You’re Beautiful” is definitely one of my current favorites!



iTunes… June 14, 2008

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iTunes and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now we’re not on speaking terms. I’m tired of yelling at it. We’ll make up later tonight out of necessity, but right now I’m beyond frustrated with it.

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to reimport all of the music in iTunes? Without doing it all one by one? Because right now all by about 20 songs in my iTunes account are being labeled as “the original account cannot be found.” I’m sure that’s because all of the music is on a portable hard drive, but if I have to import them all song by song, well, iTunes and I just might have to breakup for a while.

Anyone out there have any idea how to help me?


On being a pastors wife… June 6, 2008

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Now, my husband is so much better than most pastors about not using me or the kids as sermon material. He’s always very careful and when he refers to me when speaking, he almost always oks it with me before hand. He *never* airs our dirty laundry. Ever. And he calls me by name. When I hear a pastor using his wife as an illustration, I realize that they’ll say “my wife” before they put their foot in their mouth. When when they use their wives first name, it’s usually followed by something uplifting. There’s probably a lesson in that. Because I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve cringed as some pastor *thought* he was being funny by publically humiliating his wife.

Anyway, I saw this video several places in the last few weeks (most recently via PinkHairedGirl) and thought I’d share for all of you fellow pastors’ wives out there. Enjoy…


Sunday Bulletin… June 1, 2008

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  • I learned something new about my husband tonight. One of his questions for God? “What’s the deal with all the pomegranates in the Bible?”
  • Amazing service this morning.
  • Missionary friends shared about the ministry they are involved in in Central Asia. She was my roommate in college. Amazing time catching up and really getting to know her husband and kids!
  • I threw a roast in the crockpot for lunch today. The crockpot is an AMAZING invention. I’d love to shake the hand of the person who invented it!
  • We live in a little, itty bitty town. But we have our own fireworks distributor. So we get free displays starting about this time of year as they get things ready for Independence Day. The older three and Chip are outside watching right now from the yard. I’m inside with Seth who is absolutely convinced that the lights are pretty but the noise is because it’s thundering and going to rain on him. He won’t go out there. Should make July 4th interesting. Especially since I *love* fireworks and we see at least three displays each year.
  • We have officially hit the time of year where I just FREEZE everywhere I go. My body does not acclimate to air conditioning well. I’m glad that we can get a signal from our router out on the porch. I’m out there a lot.
  • I’ve got a new favorite song we sing at church. In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found. This line gets me every time: “No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me. From life’s first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny. No power of hell, nor scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand. ‘Til he returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll STAND!”

American Idol results show – the Finals (May 21st)… May 21, 2008

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I’m warning y’all, I’m going to be doing a lot of fast forwarding through this show. So, my critiquing will be minimal. The show is actually over now (I think) and we’re going silent on all media except for our DVR and this blog post page. I’ve turned off Twitter. I’m ignoring texts. I’ll find out at the end of the show just like the rest of most of y’all did.

97.5 million votes last night! HOLY COW! That is incredible. The vote was a 56-44 percent vote. (Are people booing Paula?) I really thought it would be a bit closer than that.

And because this will be the last time I can say it this season, and should anyone think I could have changed my mind, I can’t stand these group numbers. Really can’t stand them. *searches for the FF button*

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!  They actually found a song that David’s could sing together and actually sound good on! That in itself is amazing.

I’m fast forwarding through the commercial for the Love Guru and his sitar hero nonsense.

More music – Syesha Mercado with Seal. Which makes this worth watching. Even though she’s nowhere near being in the same league as he is. She actually looks really nervous. Like puke on her shoes nervous because she’s up there with him.

Jason Castro comes back to sing Alleluia and I’ll probably watch this one all the way through. I love this song and he does it very well. Excellent! If he could have sung that song every week and gotten away with it, he might have won this competition.

Ford Commercial = fast forward

They each get an escape hybrid – which I would guess living in Missouri and Utah will be a good thing. Because

The girls are singing – and you know until I saw them I probably couldn’t have named any of them off the top of my head except for Syesha (andI could have only named her because she only just went home last week). The guys really did dominate this season, didn’t they? And then the bring out Donna Summer to show them how to do it right. 

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns come out to sing and I’m suddenly feeling like they’ve tricked me and I’m at the Idol concert. But not as tricked as the fans who actually go to the concert will feel when they get to the concert and realized they already saw all the performances on the Idol finale.

Jimmy Kimmel comes out to roast pretty much everyone. He’s amusing.

Top 6 guys come out so we can “rock out” to Bryan Adams? I forgot that guy! The one who was the naked waiter guy? What was his name? Someone help me out. Was he a David too?  And I find it very funny that they are singing about the summer of 69 when none of them were alive in 69. But at least they had David Cook sing the line “Thinking about my younger days”. Chip just says “at least Michael Johns isn’t wearing an ascot.” Then they call out Bryan Adams. Personally, I think I’d rather listen to either of the finalists instead.

Apparently they’ve made an entire theme park for the the losers to go sing at. That’s nice.

David Cook and ZZ Top – go figure. This boy should look back and watch this and be proud. Because up there, next to the band itself, he is doing this song justice. This is excellent.

(My husband is the number 1 reason I’m thankful for the pause button. He cracks me up.  Chip just said, “Who’s David Archuletta going to sing with? Kermit the frog?” And as I laughed, he says, “I bet he sings that rainbow song!” ROFL!)

Back to Cook and ZZTop – this is amazing! And it’s true. Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. And about a guy who can sing like David Cook apparently. Because WOW! That’s a whole lot of screaming. I hope he wins.

Brooke comes out to sing with Graham Nash and I suspect she’ll do this song well. I can’t hear this song without hearing Michael Scott sing it anymore though. He sang it on Take Your Daughter To Work Day. And forever put that sound into my ears.

I’m very ashamed that even though I couldn’t understand at all what the crowd shouted when Ryan told them to announce the band, I know who this is. Not nearly as ashamed as I’d be if I knew that and didn’t have kids though. 

And we have a “worst of” clip. And I remember every single one of these people. I can still sing along to the “I am Your Brother” song! That guy was a hoot! And HE’S THERE!!!! Now *this* is ENTERTAINING!!! I think he and William Hung should start a band!

One Republic. This guy does a weird eye thing too. I’ve heard of One Republic but this is the first time I’ve ever heard them. But once I heard the music, I just *knew* that Archuletta was going to come out and sing with this guy. And really? I think Archuletta sings the song better. He’s just got a better tone to his voice.

I’m seriously going to be *s*h*o*c*k*e*d* if David Archuletta doesn’t win this season of American Idol. All roads are leading that way in tonight’s results show. And oh, the screaming. Again with the screaming.

Jordin Sparks come out to sing and I’ve over it already. She’s young. She can sing. But I’m over this show already and just ready to find out who wins. Fast forward.

Gladys Knight and the… I just don’t have words for this. Now *that* was funny!

Carrie Underwood – I just don’t get the whole “bad girl” thing from her. But WOW! Can she sing! That girl has got some serious pipes on her!

Last song before the results – Top 12 singing a countrified version of a George Michael song. I didn’t think it was possible to make me hate this song more than I already do. But that was definitely worse. What is up with the George Michael songs?  Fast Forward!

Judges final thoughts:

Randy – who I’m voting off for wearing an ascot, thinks they are both winner.

Paula – is honored to just be in the same room with the Davids and then she babbles some more.

Simon – just apologized! Holy cow! That’s an American Idol first! He thinks they are both “triers” (people who really try to improve) and doesn’t care who wins because they both deserve it.

The results are in and DAVID COOK is the winner of American Idol!!! I can’t believe it! And neither can he! And he sings us out with the winning song – Time Of My Life.

And that’s it until January…


Almost live American Idol (May 20th)…

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We’re finally home and starting American Idol. About 24 hours later than we normally would have. My prediction? David will win it all! ROFL! I crack me up…

The whole “fight theme” is just silliness. Let them sing already. Because the last time I looked, this was a singing competition after all. This is just ridiculous. And I’m pretty sure that Cook would make mincemeat out of Archuletta. In either competition – singing or boxing…

Oh, there will be screaming tonight. I can tell already. They are going ga-ga over Ryan. What will it be like when Cook comes out? Or when the teeny-boppers see Archuletta? My head hurts just thinking about all that screaming.

3 songs each, 3 numbers to call, 4 hours to make the call. Unfortunately, it’s still way too late for me to make any calls to vote. I’m fast forwarding through the cheesy fight stuff. Cook is working the audience, Archie is off in lalaland somewhere and talking about how it’s such a dream. Enough with the blabbering already! If they were to cut all of this out, they could actually let the David’s sing a WHOLE song. What a novel concept!

Round 1 songs are chosen by Clive Davis – the man with the golden ears.

David Cook – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – OUCH! I’m shuddering already. Because in a fight with Bono, Cook is no match. Vocally, he’s close. But he just doesn’t have that “coolness” that Bono does. He’s severely lacking when it comes to the “it” factor – like most people when you compare them to U2. The vocals were fine, but this song just didn’t do it for me. Do what I’m not exactly sure, but he just seemed like a kid up there trying to be like his Idol. It was good, and I can’t blame it all on him since he didn’t pick the song. I’m not nearly as impressed as the judges. I wonder if Clive is trying to sabotage Cook this week?

David Archuletta – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me – As soon as I heard the song choice, I couldn’t help but think “of course” because it’s just the type of song that fits his voice. And he’s nailing it. And he’s keeping his eyes open so far. But I’m not sure it’s anything new that we haven’t seen from him before (from either of them for that point). But he does an excellent job. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Which is saying something coming from me. Normally I would have changed the channel if someone were singing that song.

Archuletta wins round 1.

Round 2 is a song that was from the song-writing contest that Ryan has been pimping all season. All songs written by people I’ve never heard of before.

Cook – Dream Big – This song is all just a too much Jonas Brother-ish for me. He’s singing it fine, but this song is never going to be a hit. Not in my house anyway. But I think it’s the song, not the singer. But then again, I guess I could see this as one of those songs that schools use for graduation or even churches use for baccalaureate because they are trying to be relevant. Just not something I really enjoyed. And he sang it without screaming. He did an great job. Not fantabulous like I’d have liked to see, but he did it well.

Archuletta – In This Moment – Again, not a song I really enjoy and I don’t know that I care for the message of the song a whole lot. Guess I know too many people who like to stay stuck in their “moment” maybe? But he is really owning this song. It’s like it was written for his voice. Specifically for him. He did an amazing job with that song!

Round 2 goes to Archuletta. (And I’m seriously wishing that I had written a song called “The Phone Book” and submitted it.)

Round 3 is Idol-ee choice. 

Cook – The World I Know by Collective Soul – I’m a bit bored by this. It’s a great performance. But more a song stuck into the middle of a concert. Not the encore song that he really needs at this moment. And I really applaud him for going and doing something original and not falling back onto something he’s already done.

Archuletta – Imagine – And apparently he really is stuck in his moment. Because I swear I remember him doing this song before. Phenomenally. Can he do it again? He can, but I’ve seen him do this already and it bored me the first time and is boring me the second time again. You can hear the tension in his voice as he sings it under the pressure of knowing that this is it for him. (Chip is seriously afraid the kid will melt into the floor like a puddle of wax if he actually wins it all). And oh, the screaming. The lots and lots of SCREAMING!

I’d give round 3 to Cook. Even though they both bored me, at least Cook bored me with something new. I was really surprised to see Idol end up this way at the end.

Who’s album would I buy? David Cook.

Who has changed the most as a performer consistently throughout the season? David Cook.

Who do I think will actually win it all? David Archuletta.

And for the record – I think they both deserve it.


American Idol Results Show (May 14)… May 14, 2008

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Twitter is getting to be a dangerous place when you only “almost live” blog American Idol. That means you’re getting my opinion before I go and read anyone elses and as I watch. But it’s only “almost live” because of the wonder of the DVR. Which is really the most amazing invention since television itself I think. It let’s me put my monkeys in bed and THEN watch. It also allows me to fast forward through a lot of the NONSENSE in the hour-long (I’m begging you producers – bring back the 30 minute) results show. So let’s get on with it all…

We’re down to the final three and before the night is over, we’ll be down to the final two. I’d bet good money that Ryan is going to come out and tell us that more people have voted than ever before. If someone was foolish enough to actually take the bet that is.

Wow, Ryan, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Because if somehow someone was BLIND and had missed Paula’s cleavage, Ryan telling her that she needs to put on a shirt will definitely make you look up. Because the girls certainly are on display and I’m glad that I’ve already put my adolescent song in bed for the night because he does NOT need to see that!

I hate the group numbers. Detest them. Syesha is doing it well. Archuletta seems to appreciate having other people up there with him – in case he forgets the words. Again. And I wonder how Cook can look into the mirror after something like that because it just screams SELL OUT! Never mind me, I’m much nicer after the group number is done. And the Ford commercial too.

Ryan recaps the performances for us. They all did well. Judges chose great songs. Idol-ees chose ok songs. And the producers chose songs certain to sabotage the Idol-ees.

And we welcome Fantasia. I’m not a fan. Never have been. She actually scares me quite a bit. And what is up with the Ronald McDonald/Bozo the Clown hair color? This is just a freaky-weird performance. And she’s making my dogs go CRAZY! They are running through the house freaking out. And does this really qualify as singing? The music is amazing, but I feel like she’s shouting at me. And Simon’s face says it all! What the heck was that?!?

Ryan pimps the Idol tour. The Idol stamp. And the Idol goes back. Instead, I’d suggest that you go to Compassion International and sponsor a child or give to one of their very needy ministries. They are a company actually out there doing in. And the money given goes to local churches to support local people. It’s not used to fly celebrities halfway around the world to mug for the cameras.

We look at David’s trip back to Murray, Utah. And he is geeking out over the cheerleaders being there to cheer for him. Because I suspect he was the nerdy choir guy in school. And all this sudden popularity is a little weird for him still. And I think it would be weird for anyone, but for a 17 year old kid – that would really freak them out. Especially when they get an entire day named after them. Ryan reminds us that the judges all loved his first song, the second song fell a little short and the third song was a bit predictable. 

They call Syesha out and she looks lovely tonight. She had a great time back home in Sarasota, FL. There are a lot of people out there and apparently they’ve named a day after here too. It’s nice to see her with her parents and family. And at least American Idol in an equal opportunity moment, we see Syesha bawl during her video too. Not that we haven’t seen her cry before. The judges didn’t care for the first song except for Randy, same for the second song and no one really loved the third song. But you can tell she’s had fun on the journey and I really expect to hear about her being on Broadway someday regardless of what happens tonight (but I still think she’s going home).


They call out David Cook. He tells us how he was never supposed to even audition and they call up his brother who was the one who was supposed to audition. Home for David Cook is in Blue Springs, MO – just outside of Kansas City. It’s all a bit crazy the way people go absolutely nuts for someone just because they are famous. And those little girls FREAKING out over him at the elementary school. And he’s staring to cry so we know the clip is coming to an end. The judges liked the first song, the second song underwhelmed everyone but Simon, and it was a split vote on the third song but I think a Randy/Simon feud is actually what split the vote on that last one. I still think he’s the one to beat in this competition.

Ryan calls them all to the center of the stage and then sends us to commercial. And I’m thinking we might actually get the results when we come back since there are less than 10 minutes left.

We’re back. Randy says they all did amazing and they deserve a round of applause. Paula tells them they are on a path to greatness and tells them to seize this moment. But she says it in a long drawn out way. Simon says he likes them all and is predicting a humdinger for next week.

And the person leaving us tonight is Syesha.

So, next week is the battle of the David’s. I wonder if they’ll actually be able to make Randy’s day and actually sing the phone book. Wouldn’t that be something?